Privacy Policy

Effective May 31, 2020


HostPanel (hereinafter referred to as "HostPanel" or "the company") understands the importance of user information protection to users and will do our best to protect the security of user information, we will take security protection measures in accordance with the law to protect We will take security measures to protect the information and privacy of users, and will adhere to the following principles: the principle of consistent rights and responsibilities, the principle of clear purpose, the principle of choice of consent, the principle of least enough, the principle of security, the principle of subject participation, the principle of openness and transparency, etc.

We collect, store, use, share, disclose and protect user information in accordance with this Privacy Policy when users use products or services related to HostPanel Technologies. Through this Privacy Policy, we want to inform users about our treatment of user information. Therefore, we remind users to carefully read and fully understand this Privacy Policy when browsing information or enjoying services on this website, and to use products and services only after confirming that they fully understand and agree to it. When you check the "I have read and agree to the Registration Service Agreement and Privacy Policy" box and click Register Now, you are deemed to have fully understood and agreed to this Privacy Policy in its entirety, and this Privacy Policy is effective upon your successful registration.


1.1 HostPanel products or services means that the user orders HostPanel software products and supporting services to HostPanel and its affiliates, and the subsequent provision of products, promotion and promotion services to the user once or repeatedly through web pages, e-mail, telephone and other feasible ways.

1.2 Related parties are companies, organizations or individuals that have any connection with HostPanel due to cooperation, investment or control (or joint control) relationships.

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I. Scope of the Privacy Policy

1.1 The Privacy Policy applies to the activities of storing, analyzing, transmitting, using, processing, backing up, deleting and protecting users' information in the process of selling products and providing services by HostPanel and its affiliates. If the information can not be identified to the user's true identity alone or in combination with other information, it does not belong to the legal sense of information; when the user's information can be identified to the user's identity alone or in combination with other information or HostPanel will not be able to establish a link with any particular information data and other users of information in combination with the use of these information during the combination of use, will be treated as the user's information in accordance with this privacy policy The information will be treated and protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy for the duration of the combined use.

II. Scope and manner of user information collection

2.1 When the user registers in HostPanel website ( and enjoys relevant services, the user understands and agrees that we may collect, store and use the following data related to the user information, if the user does not provide or does not agree to our collection of relevant information, may not be able to become our user or cannot order our products and If you do not provide or agree to our collection of such information, you may not be able to become a user or subscribe to our products and certain services we offer, or achieve the intended results of the relevant services.


2.1.1 Information completed and/or provided by the user, including: name, cell phone number, email address, and questionnaire information related to the services provided to the user, that can identify the user alone or in combination with other information.

2.1.2 Log information: when the user uses the relevant services, HostPanel will automatically collect the user's use of HostPanel services, as the relevant web logs to save. For example: browsing information, access records, click information, use of language, date and time of access to the service, cookies, Web Beacon, etc.

2.1.3 user account support information: based on the user's use of HostPanel services and the user consultation records, reporting records and troubleshooting process for users (such as communication or call records), HostPanel will record, analyze this information in order to more timely response to the user's request for help, as well as for improving services.

2.2 The above information range is not the content of user information that HostPanel will necessarily collect, HostPanel will selectively collect the above information range according to the content of the services provided by HostPanel and the necessary information related to the services provided to users.

III. Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

3.1 The user understands and agrees that when the user registers on the official website of HostPanel and enjoys the relevant services provided by HostPanel, in order to make HostPanel better provide services to the user, we may use relevant technologies to collect and store information, in which one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers may be sent to the user's computer or mobile device. Cookies or anonymous identifiers typically contain an identifier, the name of the site, and a number of numbers and characters. With cookie technology, a website can store data such as a user's browsing history.

3.2 We do not use cookies and similar technologies for any purpose other than those described in this Privacy Policy, and users can keep or delete cookies according to their preferences, or clear all cookies stored on their web pages. We do not use cookies and similar technologies for any purpose other than those described in this Privacy Policy.

IV. Storage of User Information

4.1 Storage Period: In the absence of a request for modification or deletion by the user, we will store user information securely and effectively and use it only as needed to provide services to the user, except as otherwise provided by law or regulation.

V. Use of User Information

5.1 In order to achieve the purpose of providing services related to HostPanel, we will use the collected user information in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the agreement of the license agreement. If there is any other use other than this, we will ask for the user's consent in advance. Specifically, we will use the user information we collect for the following purposes:

5.1.1 In order to provide the Services to you, HostPanel and its affiliates and partners will send you information, notifications or conduct business communications with you, including but not limited to verification codes necessary to ensure completion of the Services, push notifications necessary to use the Services.


5.1.2 We may design, develop, and promote new products and services based on user information statistics; we may keep statistics about our service usage and may share these statistics with the public or third parties, and have affiliates or partners provide specific products or services to users, but these statistics do not contain any identifying information about you.

5.1.3 To improve the security of your use of HostPanel and its affiliates and partners to provide services, to ensure the security of the operating environment and identify the abnormal state of the account, to protect you or other users or the public's personal property security from infringement, to better prevent phishing sites, fraud, network vulnerabilities, computer viruses, network attacks, network intrusion and other security risks, more accurately identify violations of Laws and regulations or HostPanel related agreements, rules, we may use your membership information, and integrate device information, relevant network logs and information legitimately shared by our affiliates and partners to determine your account and transaction risks, identity verification, security event detection and prevention, and take the necessary records, audit, analysis, disposal measures in accordance with the law.

5.2 After we technically de-identify user information (to reduce the risk of other organizations or individuals identifying users through de-identified personal information, we take appropriate administrative measures to store de-identified data separately from information that can be used to recover identifying users), users agree and know that in such cases we have the right to use the de-identified We have the right to analyze and commercially exploit de-identified information about our users without disclosing that information.

5.3 The user knows and agrees that, unless the user sends a notice of modification and deletion to HostPanel and is processed and completed by HostPanel, all information provided by the user when using HostPanel-related services will be continuously authorized to us during the user's use of HostPanel-related services in compliance with the scope of this Privacy Policy.

5.4 Users know and agree that we may keep statistics about their use of our Services and may share these statistics with third parties to demonstrate overall usage trends for our Related Services. However, these statistics will not contain any user information.

6. Protection of User Information Security

6.1 We take the security of user information very seriously and will endeavor to protect user information from improper use or unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage, loss or disclosure by implementing a variety of reasonable security measures (both technical and administrative) that meet industry standards.

6.2 We protect user information using reasonably practicable means such as encryption technology, anonymization, and trusted protection mechanisms to prevent malicious attacks on user information.

7.3 We will establish a dedicated information security working group, security management system, and data security process to protect user information. We adopt a strict data use and access regime to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to user information, and conduct security audits of data and technology when appropriate.

7.4 Although the above reasonable and effective measures have been taken and the standards required by the relevant legal regulations have been complied with, users are asked to understand that due to technical limitations and the possibility of various malicious means, it is not always possible to guarantee absolute security of information in the Internet industry, even with all efforts to strengthen security measures, and we will do our best to ensure the security of the information users provide to us. Users are aware and understand that the systems and communication networks used by users to access our services may experience problems due to factors outside of our control. Therefore, we strongly recommend that users take proactive measures to protect the security of their information.

7.5 We would like to specifically remind users that the information protection measures provided in this Privacy Policy apply only to products or services provided by HostPanel and affiliates. We have no ability and obligation to protect any information submitted by users in applications, websites outside of HostPanel-related services, regardless of whether users log in or browse the above software, websites or platforms based on links or guidance from HostPanel, for which we do not assume any legal responsibility.

VII. Managing User Information

7.1 We take the management of user information very seriously and make every effort to protect the rights of users to modify (update or correct), delete, and revoke authorizations for user information.

7.2 If a user wishes to modify (update or correct), delete, or withdraw information that the user has provided to us, the user can make a request to us to do so, and we will provide access, modification, deletion, and termination of authorization for the user as needed. If a user requests deletion of information and terminates authorization for us to provide the relevant services to the user, we will delete the relevant information from our system and no longer provide the relevant services to the user, but the user's decision to terminate authorization will not affect the information processing previously performed based on the user's authorization.

8. Management of User Information

8.1 The headings in this Privacy Policy are for convenience and reading purposes only and do not affect the meaning or interpretation of any provision of this Privacy Policy.

8.2 This Privacy Policy is copyrighted by HostPanel and, to the extent permitted by law, the Company reserves the right of final interpretation and modification.