Terms of Service

Effective May 31, 2020

I. Reminder clause

1.1 You are welcome to sign this User Registration Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") with HostPanel (see the defined terms) and enjoy the services provided by the Company.

1.2 This Agreement is a revised version of the HostPanel Service Agreement, and since the date of this Agreement, this Agreement and the "(User) Registration Agreement" referred to in the official website of HostPanel (https://HostPanel.cc/) all refer to this Agreement.

1.3 The keywords listed in the index before each Terms of Service are intended only to help you understand the general thrust of the terms expressed therein and do not affect or limit the meaning or interpretation o the terms of this Agreement. For your own protection, we recommend that you read the specific language of each provision carefully.

1.4 You should read this Agreement carefully before you click to agree to it during the registration process. Please be sure to read and fully understand the terms and conditions, especially the exclusion or limitation of liability, the application of law, and the dispute resolution provisions. The clauses that exclude or limit liability will be underlined in bold and you should read them carefully. If you have any questions about the agreement, you can ask us through the HostPanel official website (https://HostPanel.cc/).

1.5 When you fill in the information in accordance with the registration page prompt, click to agree to this Agreement and complete all the registration procedures, it means that you have fully read, understood and accepted all the contents of this Agreement, and agreed with HostPanel to become a "user" of HostPanel. Read the process of this agreement, if you do not agree with this agreement or any of the terms agreed upon, you should immediately stop the registration process.

II. Definitions

2.1 HostPanel Technology: refers to HostPanel, which is referred to as "HostPanel" or "the Company".

2.2 HostPanel Technology and its related parties: refers to HostPanel and its subsidiaries, grandchildren, branches.

2.3 HostPanel official website: refers to the website with the address https://HostPanel.cc/.

2.4 HostPanel official website rules: including all rules, rules, instructions, processes, interpretations, announcements, notices, etc. that have been released and subsequently released within the official website of HostPanel.

III. Scope of Agreement

3.1 This Agreement: This Agreement is concluded by you and HostPanel together, and has contractual effect on both you and HostPanel platform operators.

3.2 Supplementary agreement: due to the rapid development of the Internet, you and HostPanel signed this agreement set out the terms can not be a complete list and cover all your rights and obligations with HostPanel, the existing agreement can not guarantee full compliance with the needs of future development. Therefore, HostPanel platform legal notice and privacy policy, HostPanel platform rules are the supplementary agreement of this agreement, and this agreement is inseparable and has the same legal effect. If you use HostPanel's products or services, you are deemed to agree to the above-mentioned supplementary agreement.

IIII. Account Registration and Use
4.1 Account Acquisition, Use, and Transfer

4.1.1 When you fill in the information in accordance with the registration page prompts, read and agree to this agreement and complete all registration procedures, you can get HostPanel platform account and become a HostPanel platform user.

4.1.2 HostPanel platform only allows each user to use a HostPanel platform account. If there is evidence to prove the judgment that you have improper registration or improper use of multiple HostPanel platform accounts, HostPanel platform can take measures to freeze or close the account, refuse to provide services, etc., such as to HostPanel platform and related parties to cause losses, you should also bear the responsibility of compensation.

4.1.3 You have the right to use your HostPanel member name, email, cell phone number (hereinafter referred to as "account name") and the password you set (account name and password together called "account") to log in HostPanel platform.

4.1.4 Because your HostPanel platform account is associated with your personal information and HostPanel platform business information, your HostPanel platform account is limited to your own use. Without HostPanel's consent, you directly or indirectly authorize third parties to use your HostPanel platform account or obtain information under your account is invalid. If HostPanel judge that the use of your HostPanel platform account may endanger the security of HostPanel platform information, HostPanel platform can refuse to provide the corresponding services or terminate this agreement.

4.1.5 your account registered in HostPanel platform without HostPanel permission can not be transferred to the outside, otherwise HostPanel has the right to pursue your responsibility for breach of contract, and the resulting responsibility and consequences are borne by you.

4.2.6 You agree that after completing the registration, in order to make you better use the services of HostPanel platform and protect the safety of your account, you need to complete the real name authentication in accordance with the prompt of HostPanel.

4.3 Registration information management

4.3.1 When using HostPanel platform services, you should provide your information (including your name/name, email address, contact phone number, verification code and other information) accurately and completely according to the prompts of HostPanel platform page, so that HostPanel or other users can contact you. You understand and agree that you are obligated to maintain the authenticity and validity of the information you provide.

4.4 Account security specifications

4.4.1 Your account is set up for you and kept by you, HostPanel will not actively ask you to provide your account password at any time. Therefore, it is recommended that you take care of your account and make sure you log out at the end of each online session and leave the HostPanel platform with the correct steps.

V. HostPanel Products and Services and Specifications
5.1 Content of Products and Services

5.1.1 You have the right to enjoy the browsing, collecting, ordering and related supporting services of HostPanel software products on the HostPanel platform.

5.1.2 When you purchase products and services on the HostPanel platform, please make sure you carefully confirm the name, version, price, quantity, use time and other important matters of the purchased products.

5.1.3 Your purchase behavior should be based on real consumer demand, and there should be no malicious purchase of goods and/or services, malicious rights maintenance and other behaviors that disturb the normal transaction order of HostPanel platform. Based on the need to maintain the order of transactions and transaction security of HostPanel platform, HostPanel can directly terminate your relevant operation when the above situation is found.

5.2 User complaint handling

5.2.1 You understand and agree that if you use HostPanel software and user interaction process disputes, users to HostPanel complaints, HostPanel will actively go to verify the processing, but HostPanel's customer service, sales staff is not a legal professional, only to ordinary people's perception of the credentials submitted by the user to judge. Therefore, in addition to the existence of intentional or gross negligence, HostPanel will be exempt from liability.

VI. Payment Instructions

1.1 By signing up for the Service or one of the Services, you agree to pay all fees therein.

1.2 All fees you pay for the Service are non-refundable, unless the Service is not available due to problems with HostPanel.

7.1 Protection of User Information

7.1.1HostPanel attaches great importance to the protection of user information (i.e. information that can identify users independently or in combination with other information), and in your use of the services provided by HostPanel, you agree that HostPanel collects, stores, uses, discloses and protects your information in accordance with the privacy policy published on the HostPanel platform. HostPanel wants to make it clear to you how HostPanel handles your information through the Privacy Policy, so HostPanel recommends that you read the Privacy Policy in its entirety to help you better protect your privacy.

VIII. Termination of the Agreement
8.1 Circumstances of Termination

8.1.1 You have the right to terminate this Agreement by any of the following means. (1) you independently choose to cancel the HostPanel account. (2) you stop using and expressly do not want to accept the change before the change takes effect. (3) you expressly do not want to continue to use HostPanel platform services, and meet the HostPanel platform termination conditions. 8.1.2 HostPanel can notify you of the termination of this Agreement in the manner listed in Article 9 of this Agreement when the following circumstances occur. (1) you violate the agreement, HostPanel based on the breach of contract clause to terminate this agreement. (2) you steal other people's accounts, publish prohibited information, cheat other people's property, sell fake, disrupt the market order, take improper means of profit and other acts, HostPanel according to HostPanel platform rules to seize your account;. (3) in addition to the above circumstances, because you repeatedly violate HostPanel platform rules, systems, notices and other relevant provisions and the circumstances are serious, HostPanel on your account to be seized;. (4) your account is recalled by HostPanel according to this agreement; (5) other services should be terminated. (5) other cases should be terminated services.